Synthesis and Characterization of Cordierite from Talc, kaolin and silica for filter applications

  • H. E. Mgbemere Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria
  • Nehemiah S. I. Alozie Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Jonathan Okpareke Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, University of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria
Keywords: Ceramics, Cordierite, Filter application, Talc


The level of air pollution due to urban transport in most developing economies of the world is high and needs to be reduced. In this research, locally available raw materials namely kaolin, Talc and MgO have been used to synthesize cordierite which is one of the materials for the production of diesel particle filters used in automobiles. The samples were produced through the conventional ceramics processing method where the powders were mixed in their correct proportions, pressed and sintered at 1200oC for 2 hours. Characterization tools like X-ray diffraction, differential thermal analyzer, compression testing machine etc. were used to evaluate the properties of the ceramics. As the talc content increased from 0 – 10%, there was no significant change in the density values as it remains at approximately 2.5 g/cm3. A structure that is partially crystalline with some amorphous regions was observed in all the samples. The strength modulus of 9.89 MPa was obtained without talc while the thermal analysis shows that two endothermic peaks at 108.5oC and 429oC were observed for all samples corresponding to loss of absorbed water and kaolinite conversion to metakaolin respectively. The obtained properties from the produced samples show that filters for automobile applications can be produced from these locally available materials.


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