Operational and Performance Optimisation of an Expanded Area Diaphragm Cell

  • B. A. Olufemi Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
  • A. J. Kehinde
  • O. Ogboja
Keywords: ANOVA, Caustic soda, efficiency, electrochemical cell, modelling.


The basic parameters and relevant design criteria needed for the optimisation of any electrochemical cell operation were identified and applied in this work. Experimental studies, modelling, simulation, analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Bonferroni-Holm Posthoc statistical parametric test and performance characterisation were carried out with a Sliding Cathode Diaphragm Cell (SCDC). An Expanded Area Diaphragm Cell (EADC) was later used to evaluate improved electrolytic cell operating characteristics, performance and productivity optimisation based on inferences from the SCDC operation. The operational voltage, height of anolyte and electrode areas were the parameters carefully varied for the SCDC operation. Well established inferential results from the SCDC with good insight into the production of caustic soda, prompted the theoretical optimization, fabrication and optimum operation of the EADC with output and performance that compared favourably with some industrial cells. With the operation of the EADC at close numerically estimated optimised values, the EADC current efficiency was improved over that of the SCDC to a value of 95%. The outcome of the work could further pave way for the design of more improved electrolytic cell types and/or methodology.


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