Effect of SMA Welding Electrodes on Mechanical and Corrosion of Low-Carbon Steel Joint

  • I. M. Dagwa
  • O. E. Malomo
  • B. Salihu
  • A. Mohammed
  • O. Saint
  • U. J. Abubakar
Keywords: Hardness, Impact, Tensile, Weight loss, Weldment


In this work, the effect of Shielded Metal Arc (SMA) welding electrodes on mechanical and corrosion of
low carbon steel joint was investigated. Commonly used electrodes types (Sample A: J-Wheel; B:
Oerlikon and C: J-Danish) by local welders and fabricators were selected. Welded samples were
prepared into standard test samples for hardness, impact and tensile tests. Subsequently, standard
facilities were used to determine the mechanical properties. The welded low carbon steel joint of these
samples were immersed in test media (2.81 % NaCl solution) for some exposure period of time (504
hours), and their weights were taken at intervals of 72 hours to evaluate their weight loss and corrosion
rate. The outcomes of mechanical properties evaluated were in the order: (Control>B>C>A) in terms of
ultimate tensile strength, percent elongation and the hardness at 24 hrs were in the order of (Control
>A=B=C) and (C>B> Control>A) respectively. While and hardness at 504 hours was (C>B> Control >A).
Hence, Sample B weldment showed superior mechanical properties and corrosion resistance than
Samples A and C. Uniform corrosion was observed on the exposed test coupons as corrosion rates were
highest during the initial stages but gradually reduced with increased exposure time. It was apparent that
improper choice of electrode type could affect the mechanical properties and corrosion rate of low carbon
steel joints.


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