Rheological and Mechanical Characteristics of SelfCompacting Concrete Containing Corncob Ash

  • O. S. Olafusi
  • A. P. Adewuyi
  • O. M. Sadiq
  • A. F. Adisa
  • O. S. Abiola
Keywords: density, pozzolanic, strength, superplasticizer, water-binder


This paper examines the effects of replacing ordinary Portland cement (OPC) with corncob ash (CCA) on
the rheology and strength properties of self-compacting concrete (SCC). The rheology and compressive
strength properties of different mixes of CCA-blended self-compacting concrete (CCA-SCC) were
compared with the conventional SCC with and without superplasticizer at varying water-binder ratios.
These properties were determined on fresh and hardened concretes respectively. The CCA-SCC mixes
with superplasticizer fulfilled European Federation of National Associations Representing for Concrete
(EFNARC) requirements for SCC flow properties except those in excess of 15 % CCA and those with
neither CCA-blended cement nor admixture. A higher dosage of superplasticizer or water-binder ratio was
required to meet the standard flow requirements. The CCA-SCC mixes exhibited the tendency for more
strength beyond 90-days due to pozzolanic reactions. The paper revealed that CCA enhanced the
rheological properties of SCC, while the rate of strength development was enhanced after 28-days curing
due to pozzolanic activities.


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